Whenever someone asks me what the "most effective" kind of workout is, my reply is simple: go try a few different classes. The one that makes you feel strongest/on top of the world/you can't wait to come back to??? THAT'S the BEST! What "works" for one may not for someone else. Each person needs to find their own fit! Maybe it's a killer strength class, a sweaty outdoor bootcamp, or a saucy dance class. I promise; once you find it, you'll know it!

Around WestervilleT

Walking Group // moderately-paced at various locales around town

Walk HIIT Out // combo walking group with HIIT  around town

Outdoor FIT // mini-bootcamps and strength classes around town in small groups

Kettlebell Cardio // 30-min classes combining KB for strength and cardio for sweat!

Fitness Challenges // themed monthly

​Zumbathon! // as the fitspo is needed

At the gym

Classes taught:

Strength // weights, step, kettlebell, tubes, bar, etc.

Strength with HIIT // weights with High Intensity Intervals

Glutes and Abs // targets the "butts and guts"

Kettlebell Strong!  // strength and intensity in full-body workout

Zumba // cardio dance party

Hip Hop  // high-energy cardio dance class

​Triple Fit // strength, cardio, then core

Bootcamp // indoor or out, high-intensity

Your official invite from the ladies!

Online Classes/Opportunities

Let's LIFT! // strength class using weights and bands

Let's Lift and SWEAT! // strength and cardio with weights

30-min Kettlebell workouts // on my 

Cardio Dance workouts // on my 

Classes offered are subject to change. Have a question/comment/suggestion? Contact me at beth.henman@gmail.com 

Licensed Professional Fitness instructor

"What do you do to stay in shape?"

"Basically, I stalk Beth."

(overheard after class one day)