At the gym

Classes taught:

Strength // weights, step, kettlebell, tubes, bar, etc.

Strength with HIIT // weights with High Intensity Intervals

Kettlebell Basics // intro to kettlebell

Kettlebell Strong!  // strength and intensity in full-body workout

Zumba // cardio dance party

Hip Hop  // high-energy cardio dance class

​Triple Fit // strength, cardio, then core

Bootcamp // indoor or out, high-intensity

CXWORX // bust that core

Your official invite from the ladies!

Around WestervilleT

Walking Group // moderately-paced at various locales around town

Walk HIIT Out // combo walking group with HIIT  around town

Crawl // mini-bootcamps around town in small groups

Fitness Challenges // themed monthly

​Zumbathon! // as the fitspo is needed


Hitting 600 on my FB page means we need to celebrate in a BIG way, so here's my challenge:

100 burpees

100 donkey kicks

100 shoulders raises

100 curtsy lunges

100 tap out squats

100 minutes of Zumba

Break it up or combine parts however you like. Click on the Fitness Challenge box for a video invite from the ladies. Let me know how YOU tackle the 600 Likes Challenge! 

Classes offered are subject to change. Have a question/comment/suggestion? Contact me at 

Whenever someone asks me what the "most effective" kind of workout is, my reply is simple: go try a few different classes. The one that makes you feel strongest/on top of the world/you can't wait to come back to??? THAT'S the BEST! What "works" for one may not for someone else. Each person needs to find their own fit! Maybe it's a killer strength class, a sweaty outdoor bootcamp, or a saucy dance class. I promise; once you find it, you'll know it!

"What do you do to stay in shape?"

"Basically, I stalk Beth."

(overheard after class one day)

Licensed Professional Fitness instructor