Licensed Professional Fitness instructor

Feeling antsy since we can't get out and about right now? Find your fit ONLINE with me THREE times/week via Facebook LIVE: 

​Tuesdays 9.30 am = strength/bodyweight

Thursdays 5.45 pm = strength/cardio

Saturdays 9:00 am = strength/bodyweight

My name is Beth and if you stopped by my page today it's probably because you, like me, are someone who is looking for balance in their fitness. Do you look for workouts that are effective and enjoyable? Are you trying to find something beyond a diet that actually works? 

I am a licensed group fitness instructor that teaches a variety of classes in large and small group settings, but I also try to see beyond the gym - healthy eating, everyday wellness, finding what works! 

Whatever our goals, let's work together to FIND OUR FIT! 

You know what they say... unless you want to stay where you are, you better keep moving. They same goes for your fitness goals. I have a brand new class coming to the Highlands Aquatic Center if you feel like moving forward with your fitness goals - AQUA ZUMBA! As always, Hip Hop Cardio AND Lift and HIIT are all available as drop-in! Don't let someone get YOUR spot! Sign-ups coming later this spring!

​See links under ​Current Schedule.​

Check out one of my latest choreos here! Want more? Click on my YouTube link and SUBSCRIBE.

Want more? Check out my 30 min Kettlebell classes on my YouTube channel. I'm posting one a week so you can find your fit anytime you need to!

I'm not trying to be a fitness model; I'm just trying to be a model of fitness.