AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor / Sept. 2012 - present

Licensed Zumba Instructor / June 2012 - present

NETA Certified Wellness Coach / April 2016 - present

​Certified Les Mills Core Instructor / Jan. 2019 - present

Between the roots and the flower there is much growth.

Licensed Professional Fitness instructor

I have not always been a fit person. 

After my third child was born and life "settled down," I settled into being a mom. I never lost my baby weight, I never changed my habits from before my kids, and honestly at that time of my life things like that weren't really important to me. I was a full-time teacher and full-time mom and I loved it. Fast forward seven-ish years - my kids were growing up and mom decided to take on her own health. I was taking fitness classes and loving them! I started thinking, "I could TEACH this!" By September of 2012 I was, as a certified Group Exercise instructor and licensed Zumba instructor. Since then my fitness journey has snowballed into a huge part of my life. I now teach a wide variety of classes and constantly continue my education not only for my own knowledge but to bring the safest, most up-to-date instruction to my clients. My goals are simple: to continue to find my own fitness journey and to do what I can to help others find and achieve theirs!